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Diagnosing Leaks

Diagnosing Leaks

Roofing leaks, siding leaks or just having water enter your home can be very disconcerting. Over the years many homeowners have requested our services for  help in diagnosing and fixing leaky roofing and siding.  Although we strongly recommend using a professional for any roofing or siding repair we also realize that some homeowners would like a source of reference in helping to understand why they have a leak problem.  Below are links to our series of articles on some of the many causes of leaks we have found over the years.   We have also included information on  why we don’t recommend certain types roofing applications.


Ice Dams - Factors that may cause and exacerbate ice dams

Roofing Layovers - Discussing the possible pitfalls

Skylight Leaks - Diagnosing and repairing skylight leaks

Chimney and Fireplace Leaks - Discussing possible causes

Bathroom Ceiling Leaks - What may cause these leaks

Valley Leaks - Article on some of the possible causes

Roofing Vent Pipe Collar Leaks - Diagnosing causes

Siding Leaks - Some of the reasons siding may leak

Overlooked Leaks Causes - Some possible answers



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